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Tea Sourcing

We procure more than 160 different tea and herbal types from more than 30 countries.

Black Tea


Black tea is available from a range of countries and regions across the world and offers a great balance and mix of malty body and bright astringency. Black tea has the longest exposure to oxygen during the processing stage (known as oxidation), which creates the black/brown leaf color and rich brown/red infusion.

Green Tea


Green teas can range from toasty and nutty to herbaceous and vegetal, depending on how they are processed. Green tea is a completely unoxidized tea leaf, which is what enables it to keep its green color.

Oolong Tea


Oolong teas can vary dramatically in flavor offering a medium-bodied tea ranging from floral and astringent to bold and malty. Oolong tea is semi-oxidized and can range on a spectrum from more green to more black, depending on the processing method.

White Tea


Known for its high levels of antioxidants and lower levels of caffeine, white tea is delicate and naturally sweet with soft, rounded floral and fruit flavors. This is the most mild and unprocessed tea leaf type. The pale color is a result of only very light oxidation happening in the processing stage of the leaf.

Rooibos Tea


Rooibos offers a full-bodied, refreshing and nutty flavor that can have notes of caramel and vanilla. Grown primarily in South Africa, Rooibos isn’t from the traditional tea plant. As such, it is considered a botanical and is caffeine-free.

Herbal Tea


Herbal infusions or “tisanes” are made with a wide array of botanical ingredients to offer a flavor and variety for any mood or time of day. From floral infusions of chamomile and lavender, to fruit-forward berry and apple, to refreshing peppermint, the combinations are almost endless. Unlike tea, herbals are generally just picked and dried, not undergoing any further processing or oxidation.

Our passion for consistently high-quality tea starts at sourcing.

Tea Sourcing

Expert Sourcing

  • Dedicated tea and herbal buyers
  • Sourcing over 160 unique raw material types from 30 different origins
  • Expert sensory capabilities
Blend Development

Our Product Development Team creates unique hot and iced tea blends informed by consumer trends.

  • We develop leading product portfolios based on performance and trends.
  • Our Product Developers leverage expert sensory analysis & reporting systems.
  • We validate our development through internal & external testing.
  • We deliver bespoke, high-quality tea solutions to our customers and their consumers.


Manufacturing facility in Ajax, ON, Canada

Ajax, ON

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