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Our passion for coffee is brought to life every day by our highly trained experts with over 200 years of combined coffee experience.

There’s definitely an art and science to coffee. Our Commodities Team brings expertise on when and how to buy, consulting on the C Price, Futures Market and Differentials. The team has 200 years of combined knowledge to manage your green coffee portfolio and includes seven Q-Grade Certified Cuppers.





Green Sourcing

Coffee Belt

Our coffee supply chain

We have long-standing relationships with growers, exporters and importers who meet our high quality standards. This enables a strong supply chain that ensures consistency and quality. Our Team works with you to determine green coffee requirements and preferences to source.

Importers represent large and small-scale groups to facilitate green coffee transfer

Exporters assist with securing and scheduling of shipment from origin

Exporters work with middlemen and cooperatives to source type, quality and quantity

Middlemen and cooperatives work directly with farmers

Did you know?

80% of coffee is grown by small farmers. Cooperatives and middlemen help these farmers bring their coffee to market.

Product Development

Product development in coffee starts in the field, so our Commodities and Product Development Teams work together to deliver on quality, consistency and taste.

  1. Sourcing at Origin: 20+ origins, sourcing 65+ different bean types
  2. Reliability of Quality & Supply: Origin calibration sessions, continuous sensory evaluation
  3. Quality Consistency: ICE, GCA and Q Graders under the guidance and leadership of our Master Roaster

Did you know?

Our team cups more than 400 cups of coffee per day.

A minimum of 9 cups are sampled at each stage of the process to ensure consistency.

Sensory Evaluation

Three main goals of sensory evaluation:

  1. Ensure green sample meets standards and cup profile attributes of:
    1. Fresh
    2. Clean
    3. Balanced
    4. Uniformity
  2. Provide green coffee supplier feedback on coffee quality standards
  3. Ensure consistency from green to finished cup profile

Our passion for product development is brought to life every day in our innovation labs and pilot roasting facility.

Exacting care, unique nuances, measurement, quality

We know that making great coffee starts in the field, and is enhanced throughout the entire production process.

Our highly trained production teams and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities use the latest technology, production methods and are SQF Level 3 certified.

Manufacturing facility in Mississauga, ON, Canada

Mississauga, ON

  • Coffee Roasting & Packaging Facility
  • Organic Roasting & Packaging Facility
  • EcoCup® Single-Serve Roasting & Packaging Facility
Manufacturing facility in Fort Worth, TX, U.S.

Fort Worth, TX

  • Coffee Roasting & Packaging Facility