About Us - Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee Inc.

From field to cup, our mission is to provide a better beverage experience for our customers and their consumers.

We are the tea and coffee experts our customers count on every day. That didn’t happen overnight – it’s developed over the years by meeting the
ever-changing tea and coffee market. That means we never rest on our laurels and we deliver on our promises through:


    What we do, we do well. And if we didn’t do it well, we’ll go back and do it again. We know that a lot of care and attention has gone into the tea leaf or the coffee bean long before it touched our hands, and it’s on us to see it through.


    For our people, products and customers. Our in-depth industry knowledge delivers. From our Master Roaster to our Insights Team, we’re always curious to learn more.


    Is it a fad or a trend? We continuously monitor consumer and market trends to deliver data-driven strategic insights to drive growth for our customers that has staying power.


    We’ve proven time and time again that we turn ideas into solutions, whether it’s your idea or ours. Our teams lead the industry in sourcing, research and product development.


    We all want to do more good. With so many ways to do that, we’re committed to doing good for the planet, people and communities in which we operate.


    Our scale ensures source of supply, the standards you expect and consistency in every cup. Through collaborative forecasting, our fill rates exceed industry standards.

Our History

Since 1912, we’ve helped change the way people experience their tea and coffee. Our passion for delivering a better beverage experience has helped us become the supplier of choice to some of the world’s largest retailers and foodservice operators.

What started as a small wholesale grocery distributor has grown into one of the world’s leading purveyors of tea and coffee. Sourcing relationships at origin often go back through the generations, and it only takes a minute over a cup of tea or coffee to realize what these long-standing family relationships mean.

As a fourth-generation family owned, privately held company, we continue to invest in growth and in our customer partnerships.

From the invention of the rectangular tea bag to the K-Compatible EcoCup® pods, we’re proud of the innovations that have contributed to market growth.


Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee was founded.

Mother Parkers expanded from the original retail store to blending tea and coffee for other retailers and foodservice customers.

A brand-new blending and roasting facility was built. It was the first one-story factory with automatic conveyors.

A new coffee roasting facility was built in Mississauga, Ontario. It was the most modern of its kind in North America.

Mother Parkers expanded into instant coffee and quickly became one of the largest suppliers in Canada.

Mother Parkers expanded into the U.S.

A new coffee roasting facility and distribution center opened in Fort Worth, Texas. In 2001, Food Engineering magazine named the facility Food Manufacturing Plant of the Year.

A specialty coffee roasting facility was opened to serve demand for premium coffee. It was the first certified-organic coffee facility in North America.

Mother Parkers became the 4th largest roaster in North America.

Mother Parkers celebrated its 100th anniversary! In celebration, $1,000,000 was raised through the Mother Parkers Remembrance Campaign to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

Mother Parkers launched RealCup® capsules with Flavor Max™ filter technology.

Innovation in RealCup® brand technology makes the single-serve format easier to separate and recycle.

The RealCup® format was innovated and the EcoCup® capsule was launched.

Premium loose leaf tea began shipping from our Ajax tea blending facility in pyramid sachets.

The EcoCup® capsule evolved with an innovative new polypropylene single-serve pod with a tab lid for easier and cleaner recyclability.