A Message from the Higgins Family - Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee Inc.
Michael Higgins and Paul Higgins Jr.

A Message from the Higgins Family

Through four generations of our family, the commitment to customer satisfaction and success has guided every decision at Mother Parkers. The success of our customers is our measure of success and we take pride in ensuring that every beverage we manufacture is good for our customers and consumers.

There’s been tremendous change in the world since our family’s company was first established as a wholesale grocery distributor in 1912. Through all of that change, Mother Parkers has evolved, seizing new opportunities and adapting in order to supply new channels and offer new products to our customers. The company has experienced steady and consistent growth for many decades, but we’ve always remained nimble, efficient and responsive to the market and our customers.

Today, the next generation of the Higgins family is immersed in the business and learning everything there is to know about coffee and tea. They are part of our Mother Parkers team, a team that is at the forefront of product quality and innovation; a team that works with partners around the world to uncover new blends and brewing processes in the continuous pursuit of the perfect beverage, every time.

We look at our family’s business from the field to the cup and everything in between, because each step contributes to a better beverage experience. We hope that experience is one that keeps you coming back to Mother Parkers.

Michael Higgins Co-Chairman
Michael Higgins
Paul Higgins Jr. Co-Chairman
Paul Higgins Jr.