A commitment to doing what’s right for the planet, people and communities in which we operate.

From farm to cup, we’re engaged locally and at the industry level in ensuring a sustainable future for our customers and consumers.

  1. Minimize Environmental Impact
  2. Develop Sustainable Products
  1. Support Farmer Education & Livelihood
  2. Advance Human Rights at Origin
  3. Minimize Environmental Impact at Origin
  1. Keep Our Employees Healthy & Safe
  2. Cultivate a Diverse & Equal Opportunity Workplace
  3. Give Back to Our Local Community
"We are committed to doing our part to help improve the planet and the communities in which we operate." - Fred Schaeffer, President & Chief Executive Officer

Certification & Verification Partnerships

We’re meeting the needs of today while protecting the needs of tomorrow by:

  • Developing and sourcing safe products and packaging that maximizes the use of renewable and/or recycled material.
  • Building long-term relationships with producers who consistently produce the best-quality product, enabling them to reinvest in infrastructure and communities.
  • Conserving energy and materials by reducing, recycling or eliminating waste.
  • Ensuring safe working environments that encourage total employee wellness.
  • Respecting communities and their environment to ensure they’re enhanced economically, socially, culturally and physically.